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Restaurant Photography – Deluxe Package


Our professional photographer make your restaurant look amazing.

  • 1 hour of set-up
  • 5 photos of the main dining area
  • 3 photos of kitchen or another room
  • 3 photos with up to 3 employees
  • 2 photos of up to 4 dishes

With our Restaurant photography – deluxe package our professional photographer will make your restaurant look amazing.

Let one of our professional photographers pay a visit to your restaurant.  They will adjust the lighting and arrange the furniture in order to make your restaurant look as good as it can.  This package includes up to 1 hour of set-up. You will receive 5 amazing photos of the main dining area, 3 photos of the kitchen or separate dining area, 2 exterior shots, 3 photos each of up to 3 employees, and 2 photos each of up to 4 dishes.

Its not enough to take some photos of your food alone. Our photographers understand how to make your restaurant look inviting and fun and your food look mouth-watering. They will optimize the right amount of depth of field to make the background look blurred and amazing! They will also make sure that the natural lighting in the room is perfect. If you want to make sure they bring professional lighting equipment and spend extra time on preparing the room, then we recommend adding the Enhanced Lighting Package which will be available on the checkout page.

About Fixed Price Photo

Fixed Price Photo is the easiest and most affordable way to get professional photography for your business. We use only professional photographers and have a no haggle policy. Simply buy your package online and know what you are getting ahead of time. If you are unsatisfied, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Each of our professional photographers has been hand selected by our staff. They not only use only the most modern DSLR cameras but they know how to use them to capture incredible images. We have eliminated the annoyance of having to find and choose a photographer only to then have to negotiate on pricing with them. With Fixed Price Photo you know you are getting top notch talent at a haggle-free fixed price. We are dedicated to making sure that your experience is flawless. If you are not happy with your photographer or the images they provide, we will do what it takes to remedy the situation. We are here for you.


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